Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Movie Review: Bloodlust! (1961)

BLOODLUST! - Movie Poster

Written & Directed by Ralph Brooke

Johnny Randall...Robert Reed
Pete Garwood...Eugene Persson
Dr. Albert Balleau...Wilton Graff

BLOODLUST! - Title Screen

Four young people on a pleasure cruise find themselves stranded on a desert island when their boat captain passes out drunk.  They are taken in by Albert Balleau, a wealthy recluse, whose intensity is somewhat intimidating, and given a room to stay the night.  They find out in short order that Balleau is a madman who hunts humans for sport, and they are the next targets in his most dangerous game.


Booby traps, hidden rooms and jungle action fill in the empty spaces of this less-than-classic drive-in flick.  It starts off with an almost admirable innocence, but that innocence is shattered when the low budget gore effects kick in.  The story is very familiar to pretty much anyone who has ever watched movies, but there are enough wacky elements to keep your interest for the abbreviated running time.  The cast is pretty good, though, with Wilton Graff chewing up the scenery like a Bond villain crossed with a Hungry Hungry Hippo, and the rest of the principal cast taking a slightly more grounded approach.

BLOODLUST! - She Ain't Swimmin'

This is by no means a must-see film, but if you have an hour to spare, a few beers, and a bag of popcorn, you could do much worse.  Enjoyable enough for what it is--a down-and-dirty cheapie for the exploitation fan.  You've surely seen this movie before, but I'll bet that you've never seen it with Mr. Brady.

Special thanks to Film Chest Media for the screener, who will be releasing the HD restoration of this film on March 4, 2014.

68 Minutes
United States

"The Foulest Passion Of Them All!"


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