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Movie Review: Devil's Due (2014)

Devil's Due
DEVIL'S DUE - Poster Image

Written by Lindsay Devlin
Directed by Matt Bettinello-Olpin & Tyler Gillett

Samantha McCall...Allison Miller
Zach McCall...Zach Gilford
Father Thomas...Sam Anderson

After a lost night on their Mexican honeymoon, newlyweds Samantha and Zach McCall discover that they're going to have a baby. This isn't Knocked Up, though, and that ain't no normal baby. She's carrying the antichrist in her once-taut tummy.

I traditionally avoid spoilers in my reviews, but I feel that I can get away with this one because although they don't tell you it in the trailers, they basically tell you within the first 10 seconds of the movie.

DEVIL'S DUE -"I didn't kill her"

Samantha dies.

We know this because the movie opens up with a blood-covered Zach in an interrogation room. "I didn't kill her," he says. And even if he didn't, someone or something did.

This pointless opening which gives away the fate of our main character is my primary qualm with this movie. We know she dies, and because it's a movie about giving birth to the antichrist, we're pretty sure we know when, too. All we don't know about her final fate is the how, and you'll probably figure that out well before the movie ends, too.

Found footage films have a lot of detractors. They have ever since The Blair Witch Project burst on the scene. I, for one, am a proud supporter. I would say that I am a found footage apologist, but I feel no need to apologize. When done correctly, they draw me into the story and keep me there, offering up a semblance of "reality" that a more cinematic approach would have difficulty achieving on what is typically a lower budget. The wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed this film, and it will probably join the Paranormal Activity films on our shelf once the DVD drops.

DEVIL'S DUE - Redecorating for the baby

All that being said, Devil's Due does not bring much of anything new to the table. It hits all of the notes that I expected it to hit, but it did so well enough that I didn't mind too much. There were enough scares and creepy imagery scattered about to keep me interested, and I was never pulled too far out of the movie (though in hindsight, I do have to wonder just how all of this footage from multiple cameras was supposedly assembled).

All in all, any horror flick that I can enjoy with the wife is all right by me. It didn't rewrite the rules or redefine the genre, but not everything has to. Sometimes one can find comfort in the familiar.

Rated R
89 Minutes
United States


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  1. Thanks for the review, I'll be seeing this one next week on a sneak peak type of deal (and for free) so Im looking forward to it!


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