Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Movie Review: Besties (2012)

BESTIES - Poster Image

Written & Directed  by Rebecca Cutter

Sandy...Olivia Crocicchia
Ashley...Madison Riley
Justin...Christopher Backus
Danny...Corin Nemic

When 14-year-old Sandy's father goes out of town for the weekend, high school senior Ashley is asked to babysit. Sandy has always idolized Ashley, so when the older girl decides to throw a party, she goes along with it.

Justin, a dangerous one-time fling of Ashley's, shows up and begins making inappropriate advances on Sandy. Things spiral out of control, and soon the girls are left with a corpse to dispose of.

Secrets like this pull people together and push them apart. The secret--and Ashley--become the center of Sandy's world, digging herself deeper and deeper into a world of darkness and obsession.

BESTIES - Friends 4-Ever

Sandy's fascination with Ashley is the real backbone of this story, as it is what allowed everything to unfold in the first place. This could very well be the pre-history of a Single White Female situation.

It's a decent little thriller, sort of horror-lite, almost ready for broadcast TV. It's likely not to please the hardened genre fan, but drama lovers who enjoy a side of darkness should be pleased.

As far as the characters go, the usual teen tropes apply. They don't talk like real teenagers, they talk the way that movies believe teenagers talk. That being said, they're not quite as obnoxious as teenagers are usually depicted, and Olivia Crocicchia turns in a great performance as the bumbling, awkward Ashley. She carried the film admirably.

BESTIES - Olivia Crocicchia

The finale is a little open-ended, but it works with this film. I can't say that I'm necessarily a fan of the movie, but I'm sure there are a large number of tween girls who would be pleased to munch popcorn on the couch while this is playing on the television.

Besties will be available for VOD on January 21.
Special thanks to Phase 4 Films for the screener!


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