Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Movie Review: Snapped (2005)

SNAPPED - DVD Cover Image

Written by Steve Abbott
Directed by Jeff Prosserman & Julan Van Nil

Amy...Tiffany Amber Knight
Rose...Nataloe Van Rensberg
Trevor...Michael Bien

When does a crime scene photograph become art? According to Snapped, when it’s placed on a gallery wall instead of an evidence locker.

Amy McCanic is commissioned by a morbid museum curator to photograph the recently murdered. Sensing that this could be a turning point in her life, she leaves her junkie painter boyfriend Trevor and shacks up in a boarding house with her rather slutty best friend Rose. Reflecting on her relationship, she’s overcome with rage and inspiration. To earn her paycheck--and I mean really earn it--she takes it upon herself to supply the corpses she photographs. Sleazy landlords, paranoid winos, ape-like lady loansharks. Nobody’s safe from the slaughtering shutterbug. But when her boyfriend kicks the habit and concentrates on his painting again, a bitter rivalry springs up.

Or something like that.

The acting is mostly mediocre, except for the museum curator whose overblown grandiosity makes the others seem talented. The ladies are both delicious and jiggly, however it’s going to take a whole lot more than giggles and jiggles to save this film from itself. The concept is so ludicrous after a while that to try to sum it up could only make it appear more plausible, and the “twist” ending didn’t help matters along at all. In the end, it’s just another head-scratcher amateur outing that belongs in the throwaway bin.

Rated R
84 Minutes
United States


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