Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic Review: Hellraiser #7 (Epic Comics)

Hellraiser #7

I in the Pyramid: Hunger returns again in this silly and pointless story about the minions of Hell using a pyramid scheme to collect souls. I find myself completely devoid of anything else to say about it, which perhaps says more than anything else.

Demons to Some, Angels to Others: Outright religious horror returns to the series in this story of a religious leader who was visited by the spirit of Thomas--or was he? Regardless, the encounter left him with a staff in hand that doubles as a puzzle, and when he solves it, the apocalypse is upon them. Pretty decent story, with cool art and a group of truly grotesque Cenobites.

Under the Knife: Conceptually speaking, I liked this story...but in execution, it fell rather flat. When a series of killings in modern day Chicago echo the Jack the Ripper murders, an investigative journalist goes looking for the connection. I'm all for tying Jack the Ripper to the Cenobites (after all these years, he is just as much myth and mystery as man), I just think that if the story had followed the "real" Jack during his slaughters, it would have made a much more interesting read.

Clowning Around: A man who was a children's TV show host in life finds himself with the same gig in Hell. Mr. Winkydink performs devilish magic tricks and cruel practical jokes before a live studio audience of children who solved puzzles designed for a younger age group. The artwork is extremely cartoonish, which obviously fits the story, but the manic pace is tedious and tiresome and doesn't fit in with anything that has come before.

The Devil's Brigade Part 1 - Call to Arms: When the order of Hell is threatened, Cenobite Flagellum gathers together an all-star team (warrior Abigor, librarian Balberith, soldier Atkins, the theatrical Face, and even ol' Pinhead himself) to put things back in place by steering some humans, whose fates are at a crossroads, in the proper direction. Just as things are getting warmed up, we're told that the story will be continued--making this the first multi-part tale thus far. The mythology seems weighty here, and not just because it's reaching into previous stories, but also because it's weaving brand new elements. It can be a bit confusing at times, but fingers are crossed that they can pull it off successfully.


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