Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic Review: Hellraiser #15 (Epic Comics)

Hellraiser #15

Of Love, Cats and Curiosity: An old widow, who has nothing left in her life but her cats, discovers that one of her pets has been mutilated and murdered by the sick man living next door.  She uses the puzzle box to call forth Pinhead and his minions, and although they want to take her soul, she strikes up a deal with the Cenobites: vengeance for her cat, first; then her soul later.  Not a great story, simply because there is so much that happens outside of the panels that we never actually see.  The artwork is decent, but the artist doesn't quite capture the character of Pinhead.  He seems somehow off-model.

The Devil's Brigade Part 15 - The Cenobite Always Rings Twice:  AIDS researcher Dr. Gioeli is about to present her research and discoveries to the World Health Organization when a rival researcher, Dr. Burnich, arrives on the scene claiming that she stole his work.  Luckily Pinhead is on the case, and he finds a properly hellish way to force Burnich to revoke his complaint.  Not a bad story, but again, I'm growing tired of the serial format.  It was a little unsettling to see Pinhead giving the Bad Doctor a blowjob and mounting him in the buff, even if he was wearing a woman's skin as his own.  That's a dedicated Cenobite, though, always willing to take one for the team.

The Devil's Brigade Part 16 - The Kold Red: Cenobite Atkins, who has been letting the carnage get out of hand, is paid a tortuous visit by Pinhead in order to put him back on the straight and narrow.  Racial tensions are only increasing on the street, as they are between Officers Jillian Elliot and Lester George--who are supposed to be putting a cap on the problem.  Rival gangs go to war and race riots erupt at the same time as the mayor steps into the public eye for a press conference.  Things spiral out of hand quite quickly and Atkins joins in on the carnage, prompting a return visit from Pinhead...and a presumably angry homecoming for Atkins.



  1. Awesome collection of "Hellraiser" posts good Sir.... a Great job....
    an enjoyable weekend to you and yours...

  2. Dr. Theda: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the was a lot of work leading up to 29 hours of non-stop HELLRAISER! And even then, I still didn't cover everything. I didn't get to the special issues of the Hellraiser comic or the Harrowers series, not to mention THE HELLBOUND HEART by Clive Barker (which started it all) or the HELLBOUND HEARTS anthology. Maybe someday...



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