Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic Review: Hellraiser #14 (Epic Comics)

Hellraiser #14

Later: This story has a truly perverse villain, who recounts his dirty deeds to the Cenobites in hopes of winning their favor and allowing him to join their army.  In life, his M.O. was to attack a woman, and then leave them with the promise that he would return later to finish the job.  He would then watch her, send her little messages to know that he was still out there and would be back soon.  His onslaught against her would be so relentless that she would be tormented to the point of suicide...another soul for Hell.  After all these gifts to the dark lord, doesn't he deserve a reward?  The Cenobites are not so sure.  It would have benefited from a slightly longer page count, but not bad for what it is.

The Devil's Brigade Part 13 - Breakdown in Red: After murdering his love interest Lisa Ann in an earlier installment,  Leo Shabel vows to find out how he was manipulated into committing such a heinous deed.  Face, behind the scenes, is thrashed by Flagellum for going off-script and putting his mission in danger.  Face appears in the flesh to Leo and drives him mad, giving into the sickness that he has harbored for so long.  Although Flagellum insists that Face has failed in his mission, he doesn't seem concerned.  "What failure?" Face asks.  "It was a Hell of a show."  This is the finale of Face's Devil's Brigade adventure, which is rather sad, as it is the only one that I have consistently enjoyed.  He remains my favorite Cenobite, so I've got my fingers crossed that he will still crop up from time to time in the remaining issues.

The Devil's Brigade Part 14 - Echoes, Dreams and Revelations: Rival evangelists Samuel and Abbadon have been fighting for dominance, but it is Abbadon who comes out the victor here.  With Abbadon leading his own religious army (the strings being pulled by the old biddy Cenobite Balberith), the world is a garden that needs weeded of non-believers.  As the story ends, a new age of inquisition is just beginning.  I'm hoping this truly signals the end of this storyline that I found more confusing than interesting.  It could have been so much better than it was.  The artwork here is strange, seemingly mimicking archaic woodcuts at times.


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