Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic Review: Hellraiser #13 (Epic Comics)

Hellraiser #13

The Ferryman: A racist senator with plenty of skeletons in his closet is about to be investigated by the FBI.  Needing money, and lots of it, to cleanse his past, he goes seeking a treasure that is probably more myth than fact, and the key to finding that treasure is first finding a mysterious puzzle box... It's a decent little story full of downright despicable characters whose suffering deserves to be legendary.  The idea of a ghost ship, acting sort of like a Mobile Hell Unit, is kind of a cool idea.  Some of the Cenobites are rather silly looking, though--one is a tough and salty seadog with hooks for hands, another looks like some sort of sea monster, and yet another appears to be at least part fish, while the guardian of the puzzle is, on occasion, a vicious little seagull.  The artwork is odd, too, looking almost like colored chalk on a blackboard.

Dead Things Rot: Gardner Delming, an unemployed man living in the squalor of a rundown apartment building, is hiding a rather large secret.  He is the serial murderer that the news has come to call the "Parts-is-Parts Killer".  His place is strewn with body parts, and he hears an insistent voice in his head.  It would be quite easy to dismiss him as insane if not for the fact that the voice is very real, belonging to a prisoner of Hell who has struck a deal with the clown Cenobite Winkydink, and is manipulating Gardner into taking his place.  There is an almost Frankenstein-like quality to this story, and the artwork from Mike Mignola is quite good.  It is short and sweet, sick and slick, and overall quite good.  Winkydink appears drastically different from the last time we saw him, no longer a living cartoon but a perversion of a children's party clown.  The twist ending was quite fitting, too.  Very nice.

The Devil's Brigade Part 12 - Endolsung - The Final Solution: The Cenobite Abigor completes her mission in Volksland as the Prime Minister restores order to the country through Genocide.  American reporter Jack Kurtis records everything to the bitter end, then sacrifices everything to save a pregnant woman who can get his story to the outside world.  A dark and depressingly real horror story.


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