Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic Review: Hellraiser #12 (Epic Comics)

Hellraiser #12

With My Lips: A nameless man, who once opened the puzzle box, now hangs suspended on a meat hook in hell.  He is only half of a man at this point, used up, a piece of meat in a celestial butcher shop.  The butcher here is a lady Cenobite with razors for fingers, who slices him apart piece-by-piece, using his parts to craft new wholes.  Despite the pain of his existence--in fact, because of it--he has fallen in love with her, but he is unable to express his feelings, as his tongue was the first organ to go.  Just being in her company is almost enough to satisfy his desire...until she takes another lover.  This is a damn fine little story, a fucked-up little romance tale, that although it doesn't add anything to the mythos, fits in with it quite well.

The Devil's Brigade Part 10 -  Black and White: Following the race riots that erupted at the end of a previous entry, Volksland is on the verge of a civil war.  Pieter Schoeman, Minister of the Interior, is being manipulated by the Cenobite Abigor to put things back on the orderly path.  Unfortunately, the orderly path involves the murder of a white man guilty only of loving a black woman.  Again, the horror here is too real to be entertainment.

The Devil's Brigade Part 11 - Believe the Sinners: Following the death of Luke in the previous entry, two former members of Samuel's religious commune seek out Father Abaddon to tell him about the dangers of the Cenobites, but it does very little good.  Their actions (and Cenobite Balberith's interference) only result in them being institutionalized.  I wasn't impressed with either the artwork or the story here, as I'm having a bit of a difficult time trying to follow what the Hell is going on.  I've come to realize that I much prefer the done-in-one storylines, and am looking forward to the impending conclusion of this over-reaching tale.


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