Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic Review: Hellraiser #10 (Epic Comics)

Hellraiser #10

Devil's Brigade Part 6 - One True Faith: Father Abaddon's closest confidante, Luke, is a troubled man who has good intentions, but his actions too often interfere with the order that Hell desires to keep in place.  The librarian Cenobite (Balberith) is dispatched to take care of him, which she does in a rather mundane way.  A dull and not altogether comprehensible story, which seems to be the standard for these Devil's Brigade entries.  Perhaps as a collected whole, they would reach much better, but so far they have been mediocre at best when read on their own.

The Sweet Science: Heavyweight boxing champion Billy Moore has grown extremely bored with his cushy life.  He has everything in the world that he could ever ask for, but it's simply not enough.  What he really wants is a challenge.  Luckily (?) for him, he utilizes aspects of the sweet science in just the right combination to unlock the gates of Hell, and he's dropped into the ring with one mighty brute who promises the fight of a lifetime.  The art is colorful, with an almost graffiti-like quality to it at times.  Once again, though, this comes across as the prologue to a story that was never written.  Boring.

The Devil's Brigade Part 7 - Commitment: This picks up at the AIDS research center, some time after Pinhead's previous entry left off.  This time around, another scientist is growing envious of the resources that Dr. Gioeli is afforded, and suspicious of her relationship with the lab directory--and well he should be.  She's having lots of kinky sex with the man...who is actually Pinhead, getting his rocks off at the same time that he's helping to restore order.  This jealous scientist is willing to do anything to make her see that searching for the cure is not just a puzzle of numbers and equations, but that it is about people suffering from an affliction.  Anything, including making a deal with a certain Cenobite.  The artwork is fairly terrible here, everybody looking blocky and generic.  The story itself is mediocre, but the ending is actually pretty great, proving that sometimes a deal with the devil works out in Faust's favor.


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