Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Movie Review: Little Cigars (1973)

Little Cigars
Little Cigars - Movie Poster

Written by Louis Garfinkle & Frank Ray Perilli
Directed by Chris Christenberry
Produced by Albert Band

Cleo...Angel Tompkins
Slick Bender...Billy Curtis

After the beautiful Cleo burns (quite literally) her mobster boyfriend, she hits the road. Finding herself pursued by the mafia, she hooks up with a gang of small-time little people crooks. She uses her seductive ways to up the ante on the whole operation, and pretty soon they've gone from pickpocketing easy marks to pulling off some genuine heists.

Little Cigars - The little rascals

This one's going to be quick, because I find that I have very little to say.  I was expecting a sleazy, exploitative romp with this movie. Boy, was I disappointed. This was a slow-moving, dull, and overall unsuccessful attempt at a crime-comedy. The sole selling point seems to be the bunch of midgets--their term, not mine--but whatever novelty that may have once held has long since evaporated. Even the tall and beautiful Cleo bedding down with the short and not-so-handsome Slick fails to shock. If things had pushed the boundaries more--if this were rated R instead of PG, for instance--then maybe this could have been a guilty pleasure. Instead, it's just guilty of wasting my time.

Little Cigars - Angel Tompkins

The only thing this movie has going for it is Angel Tompkins, who is a stone cold fox (as the kids these days are saying).  She was put to much better use in 1974's The Teacher.  Go watch that one, instead.

Little Cigars - Angel Tompkins

Rated PG
92 Minutes
United States


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