Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movie Review: 5 Souls (2011)

5 Souls
5 Souls - Poster Image

Written by Colet Abedi
Directed by Brett Donowho

Noah...Ian Bohen
Sam...Steve Bacic
Sara Walters...Allison McAtee
Bickman...Charles Solomon, Jr.

Following an adverse reaction to a series of inoculations, Noah falls into a coma. He awakens--or at least thinks he does--to find a devil-in-disguise at the foot of his bed. The man tells Noah that he is going to die...unless he kills five strangers to collect their souls. Noah, desperate as he is, agrees.

Meanwhile, obsessive alcoholic Sam and his lusty new love Detective Sara Walters are investigating the collapse of another building by the industrious Mr. Bidwell. As this seems to be a theme with Bidwell buildings, one has to wonder how he keeps getting away with it. Sam and Sara are wondering the same thing.

5 Souls - Awakening From A Coma

They are two distinct but intertwining storylines that compete with each other for attention. That is part of the film's weakness, as for the majority of the running time, it feels as if you're watching two different movies on a single screen. They don't mesh together expertly enough to be a cohesive whole, despite the fact that both storylines hold some elements of interest.

The performances are decent, but not strong enough to hang the movie on. There's not enough action or excitement to hold sustained interest, either. I made it through one viewing easily enough, but I can't ever imagine sitting through it again.

"You're going to kill for me, so I don't have to."

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