Sunday, June 2, 2013

Denver Comic Con 2013: A Recap

We arrived at the convention center around 2 pm the first day, and found that we had to wait in line to trade in our tickets for badges. This wouldn't have been a problem, had the line not wrapped around a city block one-and-a-half times. Luckily we were sandwiched between two groups of reasonably-personable people (nice enough to share a few comments with on occasion, but not so nice that they talked our ears off), and had plenty of crazy cosplayers to gawk at, because it took nearly three hours to get inside.

We had missed the first two panels that we had wanted to attend (a comics in the classroom panel for the wife, and a Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew panel for me), but got inside just in time for Chris Ware, who was number one on my wish list.

Ware suffered a few technical difficulties at the start of his presentation, but once he got it all worked out, it was an amazing multimedia experience. He discussed his work on the Acme Novelty Library, Jimmy Corrigan, and Building Stories. Even the wife was impressed.

After that, we ventured upstairs to the madness of the exhibit hall, where we each purchased a tee-shirt, and I bought a couple of bargain books--hopefully a bargain only in price, not in quality. A little more browsing around, and we decided to call it a night 30 minutes before the convention shut down. We were hungry, tired, and wanted to escape before the mass exodus.

Day two started earlier and it started faster. With our ID badges, we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get inside. We started off with the George Perez panel, then went back to the exhibition hall to spend some more money. I met a number of awesome indie comic folk, and had them autograph the books I purchased from them. I decided to skip waiting in line to meet the Big Boys and spend my time interacting with the Little Guys.  I got to connect with them on a slightly more intimate level, didn't feel that I had to hurry along so that the next person in line could get their turn, and I got some fantastic books I would have never otherwise known about.

We then made our way to the Jim Steranko panel, but sadly had to duck out early, as the line for übergeek Wil Wheaton was filling up fast--and as Wil Wheaton was somebody that my wife had actually heard of, it was important that we attended. We made it in, and he was a riot.

By the time Wheaton let out, the exhibition hall was closing up (despite the fact that panels were still running for another 4 hours), so we killed time until the showing of the infamously horrible Masters of the Universe film, which was expertly lambasted by the folks of Mile High Sci-Fi, sort of a local MST3K organization composed of stand-up comedians. We laughed like lunatics. By the time the closing credits began to roll, it was after 10:00 PM, and we were officially done for the evening.

Day three of the Denver Comic Con started with a 10 or 15 minute wait in line, and then my wife and I transferred to a second line for another hour wait. We had so much fun at the Wil Wheaton panel the day before that we decided we had to go back and see him again, this time alongside geek princess Felicia Day. Another fun panel that was well worth the wait.

Then it was back upstairs once again to blow the rest of my money, and chat some more with one of the creators that I had met the day before. Halfway through the final day, my wife was conned out and I was broke, so we called it quits.

Overall, it was a hell of a lot of fun--even if, logistically, it was a pretty poorly planned event. This was only the second year of the convention, so hopefully they figure out what the hell they're doing in time for year three.

A couple of people I strongly encourage you to check out, whose low-key comics I have fallen in love with: Ted Tintorcio from Head and Torso, and Sam Spina of Spinadoodles. I bought a bunch of their books, and they were some of the best purchases of the con.

My swag from Denver Comic Con 2013
Just a sampling of my purchases


  1. great bunch of stuff, you cannot go wrong with anything... thing!

    1. Agreed, Jeremy! The Thing has always been my favorite superhero. Thanks for stopping by!



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