Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From The Dead Letter Office (A Non-Update)

Heya, Hipsters!

There hasn't been a lot of activity around here lately, because I've been working far too much and haven't had a lot of time to indulge myself in the horror genre.  Hopefully things will calm down soon and I'll have a few hours of free time to piece together a new review for you all.

This Friday through Sunday is the Denver Comic Con, and I'm completely pumped.  Stan Lee had to back out because he's busy filming his cameo for an upcoming Marvel movie, and he has been replaced with William Shatner.  Which is really not quite the same thing, but it is better to be Shat on than nothing at all.

And finally, I have gotten off my narrow ass and created a Midnite Media Facebook page.  I invite you all to check it out and "Like" the shit out of it.  There's not a whole lot there at the moment, but that's because I'm still figuring out how the whole thing works.  Please bear with me.

That's about all for now.  Definitely a non-update, I know.  I'll be back at full-power soon enough.


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