Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Etsy Alert: Original Horror Posters by Trevor Dunt

Some of you have probably seen these fantastic original movie posters by artist Trevor Dunt, but did you know that you can purchase them to decorate your spooky abode with?  He's got a number of different ones available on his Etsy store, all of them very affordable at $25 each or two for $40.  Check them all out, but below are five of my favorites.

The House of the Devil Poster by Trevor Dunt
This House of the Devil poster looks genuine vintage, much like the film it represents.  Complete with folds, tears and masking tape.  Click HERE to purchase.

A Nightmare on Elm Street poster by Trevor Dunt
This poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street seems to simultaneously represent the hand of the victim (scraping down the wall during the throws of death) and the victor (the claws of Freddy Kruger).  Click HERE to purchase.

Hellraiser poster by Trevor Dunt
This Hellraiser poster "unfolds" the infamous puzzle box as if it were made of paper, turning it into an inverted cross against a pitch black background.  It totally suits the series.  Click HERE to purchase.

Nosferatu poster by Trevor Dunt
This startling Nosferatu poster is comprised solely of black and white (much like the film), and the vampire's shadow stretches out to epic proportions, hearkening back to the movie's expressionistic roots.  The white shape also suggests a pair of fangs.  Fan-freakin'-tastic.  Click HERE to purchase.

Lords of Salem poster by Trevor Dunt
I haven't seen Lords of Satan, so I can't say anything about the film itself, but the image above is an awesome representation of the dichotomy between angelic and satanic.  Click HERE to purchase.

Visit Trevor's WEBSITE and his ESTY STORE for more fantastic images!



  1. That HELLRAISER one especially was a pretty boss idea.

    1. J2: I thought you would like that one, you evil bastard you. ;-)



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