Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cult: Another One Bites the Dust

The CW series Cult has been canceled after the first seven episodes received dismal ratings.  If you're not familiar with the plotline, I can't say that I blame you.  I've seen all seven episodes, and I'm still a little unclear.

The series followed Jeff, a reporter, whose younger troubled brother Nate goes missing after developing an obsession with the CW television series Cult.  Jeff and Skye, a research assistant on the show-within-a-show, investigate Nate's disappearance together, learning along the way that the cult-like following that Cult has is actually a genuine cult...or something like that.

I have a tendency to enjoy things that swing toward the meta, and this series had that in spades.  I also enjoy the work of Robert Knepper, who portrays menacing much more convincingly than he really should be able to.  I'm not quite sure what I thought of Cult, though.  It was one of those series that thrived on unanswered questions, and after investing seven hours into the show, things were just beginning to make some semblance of sense.  And just as a few questions were being answered, the network pulled the plug.

I can't fault the CW for canceling the show.  They gave it a much longer go than nearly any other network would.  However I do find it disappointing that they won't be airing the final six episodes, which would give viewers some amount of closure.  The fact that they will be replacing it with reruns of The Carrie Diaries and Oh, Sit (the extreme musical chairs game show) is sad.  Just sad.

Hopefully the unaired episodes will still make their way onto Hulu+, which is where I do most of my TV watching, since I'm always working during prime time.

Maybe that's why the show got cancelled...

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