Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Review: Dresden Files #2 - Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

The Dresden Files #2: Fool Moon
DRESDEN FILES #2: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher - Book Cover
By Jim Butcher

Professional wizard Harry Dresden steps in it again, as he is called in by his old pal Detective Murphy to assist in her investigation of a string of brutal murders. This time around, it's not a rogue warlock behind the slayings, but rather a werewolf of some sort--and over the course of the book, we realize that there is definitely more than one sort to speak of.

All the while, his life is in danger. Werewolf bikers, feral lycanthropes, gentlemen gangsters, the FBI and Chicago PD...Dresden finds himself hunted and pursued by all of them and then some, and even his trusty magic has limits to what it can do.

This second entry in the series had some positives, but it had twice as many negatives for me. The werewolf angle was a good one, and Dresden's interactions with the different factions of them was pretty interesting. Many of the best characters returned, including Bob the Skull, and many more were introduced. Most of these newbies don't seem all that well fleshed-out, though, and only Tera the ladywolf really stands out at all.

What was most disappointing for me was the sheer repetitiveness, which is a rather sad thing for a series that is only two books in. At the beginning of the story, there were a number of informative callbacks that rehashed elements of this world that we already knew from Storm Front, but those I could tolerate. Not everybody would be reading these books rapid fire, and they might require refresher course between installments.

What was more difficult to stomach, though, were the plot elements that were recycled from the previous entry. Once again, Dresden is called in by Murphy to investigate a murder. Once again, Murphy begins to suspect Dresden is guilty of the very crime they are investigating. Once again, Dresden is wrongfully pursued by the law. And Once again, gangster Marcone is wrapped up in the whole mess. It was as if Butcher took the plot outline for Storm Front, and just crossed out every instance of "evil wizard" and replaced it with "werewolf".

It was a decent enough page-turner, and I probably would have enjoyed it much more if I hadn't seemingly read it already.


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