Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Free E-Books From William Malmborg

Heya, Hipsters!

Just a heads up that fellow blogger, horror fantatic and author William Malmborg is offering up his badass little Kindle book JIMMY for free.  FREE!  That's a price you can't beat.  The offer is only good until tomorrow, so you better act fast if you want to get in on the savings.  Click HERE to read my review of the novel, or peep the synopsis below.

Jimmy by William Malmborg - Cover Image
High school can be a difficult time in a young person’s life, especially toward the end where one has to start making the sudden transition into adulthood. For Jimmy Hawthorn it is even worse. Not only does he need to successfully make that transition, he has to do it while hiding the fact that he is the one responsible for the disappearances of two fellow high school girls, both of whom are prisoners in a secret underground fallout shelter he discovered behind an abandoned house on the outskirts of town.
Ready to start reading?  Click HERE to download for free!

But wait...that's not all!

He is also offering up his Kindle book TEXT MESSAGE free of charge, starting today and running through the 16th.  Click HERE to read my review of that book, or check out the goods below.

TEXT MESSAGE by William Malmborg - Cover Image
Mr. Campbell enjoys working at the Park Place Mall. In fact, he likes the mall so much that sometimes he stays there overnight just so he can wander the open hallways and browse through the stores all by himself. The only thing more enjoyable than being within the mall alone is having a female companion there with him, one clothed in a sexy undergarment from the risky lingerie store who must flee his predatory desires. Of course getting a girl to go along with such a fun game isn’t easy. Thankfully he knows a way around this. It seems women become incredibly compliant when the flesh of a love one is threatened, especially when evidence of that threat is sent to them from the loved one’s own phone.

Click HERE to download Text Message, absolutely free! 


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