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Movie Review: Sometimes They Come Back...Again (1996)

Sometimes They Come Back...Again
SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK...AGAIN - Stephen King Sequel - Poster Image

Written by Guy Riedel
Directed by Adam Grossman
Based on a story by Stephen King (Sorta)

John Porter...Michael Gross
Michelle Porter...Hilary Swank
Tony Reno...Alexis Arquette

SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK...AGAIN - Stephen King Sequel - Meet the Porters

Psychiatrist John Porter takes his daughter Michelle back to the town he grew up in after his mother passes away. Almost immediately, he is haunted by memories of what he has been trying to run away from: the murder of his beautiful older sister at the hands of some seriously second-rate greasers when he was a youngster.

If the memories had stayed memories, maybe John would've fared okay, but those murderous greasers (actually satanist murderous greasers) come back...again...and their leader Tony Reno has set his eyes on Michelle.

SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK...AGAIN - Stephen King Sequel - Tony Reno

Satanists, psychics, demon hunting priests, pigs...this movie throws a lot at the wall, but very little sticks. It's a disappointing flick at every turn, really, with a fair share of bloodshed (none very convincing), and a couple of "name" actors, but nothing in the way of scares and some horrible special effects.

The original Sometimes They Come Back was no great shakes, but I still enjoyed in thanks to nostalgia and the notion of undead juvenile delinquents. Although that some notion is applied here, it's done so much less effectively. Tony Reno struts around like a drama student pretending to be a juvenile delinquent, spouting horrible one-liners that would be more at home in the stanky mouth of Freddy Kruger. Giving him and his cronies supernatural powers (other than, you know, being able to return from the dead) lessened any possible fright factor as well, or at least in the manner in which they were used. I'm more afraid of being attacked by a leather-clad hoodlum in a dark alley than I am of being attacked by Bermuda grass in mid-day, while said hoodlum merely looks on and snickers like a helium-huffing prop comic.

SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK...AGAIN - Stephen King Sequel - Death by grass

Call me crazy.

Not worth the time or effort that it takes to watch, in my opinion. Stick with the original--though most other people don't think that was worth the time or effort either.

Pshaw. Other people. What do they know?

Rated R
98 Minutes
United States


  1. Thanks for the idea for an afternoon post.... I posted a Shout out on your Review as well ...You can watch both movies at my blog now ... ( that is till they vote on CAS and Pacific Trade Agreement on the 25th..

  2. I like the original a lot. This second one did nothing for me, 'cuz like you said, I just couldn't get behind Alexis Arquette as the baddie. The third one (SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK FOR MORE) I actually found interesting up until the halfway point, where all the cool snowy, isolated atmosphere gave way to lame plot contrivances attempting to vaguely link it to the other films, and weak-ass demon villains.

  3. Doc: I'm always glad to inspire. Thanks for the shout out!

    J2: Yeah, Tony Reno was a total poser. I haven't seen part 3 yet. I'll check it out if it arrives on Netflix Instant, but I don't think I'll be rushing to the Redbox for it any time soon. Staaaaaaay J!



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