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Movie Review: Ooga Booga (2013)

Ooga Booga
OOGA BOOGA - poster image - from Full Moon

Directed by Charles Band

Donna...Ciarra Carter
Devin...Wade Forrest Wilson
Judge Marks...Stacy Keach

OOGA BOOGA - title screen - from Full Moon

Continuing on their quest to become the Universal Pictures of killer doll movies, Full Moon releases their newest film Ooga Booga on March 12, streaming exclusively on their GrindhouseFlix service.

Drunken and lecherous children's TV host Hambo (a clown-pig-farmer character) is finally fired from his show after one-too-many inappropriate happenings. With his future looking bleak, Hambo turns to his Plan B career path: Toy maker.

OOGA BOOGA - Hambo - from Full Moon

His line of Badass Dolls are truly offensive depictions of various stereotypes: a white trash character, a crack whore, an Asian, a gay male, and and the titular Ooga Booga, a black male with natty hair, big lips, a marijuana cigarette, and a bone in his nose.

When Hambo's only friend, soon-to-be MD Devin, is gunned down by a racist police officer, his spirit enters the Ooga Booga prototype Charles Lee Ray-style--although he uses a defective Slurpee machine instead of voodoo.

No. Seriously.

OOGA BOOGA - Badass Doll - from Full Moon

From there, it's basically the doll-driven revenge scheme that you would expect--only Ooga's human girlfriend does most of the leg work.  I expect this is because she was cheaper to animate.

Full Moon has been cranking out far too much garbage lately, which breaks my heart, as I consider myself a fan. The Puppet Master and Subspecies series from the past, and the last few entries in the Killjoy series from the present are thoroughly entertaining, but for every one of them we end up with a dozen Ooga Booga's or Haunted Casino's.

The acting is stiff, the pacing is slow, and the scenes have more padding than a training bra at a slumber party. The plot is standard and very tired at this point, but what's most disappointing to me is how mean spirited the movie is. Full Moon has always seemed, to me at least, a cheap but fun-loving studio. Ooga Booga seems like the work of a cheap and purposefully offensive studio, though--like a Troma that takes itself too seriously.

Every person of the pale persuasion in the movie is a horrible racist, spouting racial slurs at every opportunity. I'm sure that someone in the studio thought they were showing the ugliness of racism, but that only works if you show the flipside as well. They never did.

The most distasteful scene? Devin, in his Ooga Booga body, furiously masturbating as he watches his girlfriend shower away the stink and slime of the men who raped her only moments before. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.

Karen Black has a small part that acts as an homage to her famous appearance in Trilogy of Terror, which was probably about the only decent part about this whole mess of a movie.  Well, that and the too-brief character of Peggy Suey.

OOGA BOOGA - Yummy 1 - from Full Moon
OOGA BOOGA - Yummy 2 - from Full Moon

If Bozo had characters like this, I might have tuned in more often when I was a kid. Or an adult, even.

"Hambo's a butthole!"


  1. I love Full Moon, but I have to agree that they've been doing way too many killer doll movies that are just absolute junk. I'll probably still end up watching this, because I'm a glutton for punishment......



    ...agreed on Full Moon's obvious decline; I think one only has to sit through a few minutes of any of the GINGERDEAD MAN entries for proof of that.

  3. M: I love a good killer doll movie. But the operative word there is GOOD. I just don't understand why Full Moon can't recapture the magic, so to speak.

    J2: Peggy Suey is indeed frickin' hawt. It's just too bad she was only in the first 5 minutes or so. The only GINGERDEAD MAN entry I watched was Part 3, and that was only because Full Moon sent it to me, and I felt obligated to review it. Damn obligations.


  4. I thought this movie was a huge disappointment. The movie seemed like it was more interested in merchandising the main character and Hambone's line of Badass Dolls than in delivering an enjoyable movie. I think this could have been really something special with a better script. In a better version of this film, Ooga Booga and the other Badass Dolls would have all been alive and attacked those that killed them in hate crimes.


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