Monday, February 11, 2013

Now THAT'S How You Promote A Horror Film: Mortmain

In 1915, one of the earliest examples of body horror hit the screen in Mortmain, meaning, literally, Dead Hand.  It's one of those films in which a transplant goes wrong, and the transplanted body part maintains a mind of its own--usually dragging the new owner along for the murderous ride.  While browsing some archaic issues of Moving Picture World magazine on my Kindle Fire the other day, I stumbled across this fantastic print ad for the film.  It's in three parts, originally appearing on every other page, so each time you turned the page you would see the same image...only slightly tweaked.  It was simply too badass not to share.

Mortmain Print Ad - Part 1 (1915)

Mortmain Print Ad - Part 2 (1915)

Mortmain Print Ad - Part 3 (1915)

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  1. Wooooooah pretty nifty. Wonder it the actual film itself was any good.

    I am personally a huuuuge fan of Michael Caine in THE HAND. Can't go wrong with that one. MST3K version of THE CRAWLING HAND? eh, not so much.


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