Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crazy Keywords for January 2013

It's time once again, hipsters, for us to take a look at some of the wackier search terms that have lead people to my site.  These were some of my favorites for the month of January.  Again, most of my readers appear to be searching for some pretty disturbing pornography.

  • collecting sperm from a human (Sounds very clinical)
  • how do i correctly write 'everybody meet my new neighbor Francois'? (Pretty much just like you did)
  • how does Superman masturbate? (Very carefully)
  • I want to see Ryan Sandefur penis (Judging from the few pics I saw when trying to find out who Ryan Sandefur is, this shouldn't be too difficult)
  • i love boo (And Boo loves you, too)
  • toe sucking teen (The great thing about fetishes is how specific they are)
  • state does Bruce McDonald live in he's the director of my babysitter a (I think someone needs to teach you how internet addresses work...)
  • how does Willie Dynamite control his bitches? (His pimp hand is strong)

That's all for this month.  Come on back in 30 days or so to see what weirdos stumbled onto my blog during the month of February!


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  1. I was randomly googling my name and seeing some of the recent posts about me and I came across this. That's hilarious..


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