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Movie Review: Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

Sometimes They Come Back
SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK - Undead Teenager Stephen King Horror - Movie Poster

Written by Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal
Directed by Tom McLoughlin
Based on a short story by Stephen King

Jim Norman...Tim Matheson
Richard Lawson...Robert Rusler
Older Carl...William Sanderson

SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK - Undead Teenager Stephen King Horror - The Norman Family

High school history teacher Jim Norman uproots his family from their Chicago home for the small town where he grew up. No sooner than they arrive does he begin suffering from traumatic memories and visions from his childhood--namely the murder of his older brother Wayne at the hands of a pack of Greasers, moments before they too were killed by an oncoming train.

Memories are one thing, but history repeating itself is another. A few of the most talented students in Jim's new class are murdered and promptly replaced with "transfer students" who looks remarkably like the Greasers that killed Wayne.

Sometimes they come back...because you weren't supposed to get away the first time.

SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK - Undead Teenager Stephen King Horror - Zombie Greasers

By all accounts, this is not a good movie. It is awkwardly paced, too dependent on flashbacks, and equal parts corn, cheese and saccharine. The body count is very low, and it's not the least bit scary. The interior logic of the film is never really explained or explored, so the more that you think about it, the less sense that it makes.

And yet I still have a special fondness for this film in a guilty pleasure sort of way. I love horror, I love Stephen King, and I love anything even tangentially connected to the retro J.D./hipster scene (that's the beatnik in me). This movie has all that. Plus there's a bit of nostalgia attached here, as well.

Growing up in a very small town, I didn't have a plethora of choices at the video store, so when the pickin's were slim, I tended to rent some of the same films over and over again.

Sometimes they come back home with you more often than they should.

I can't whole heartedly recommend this film to many people, but it's still one that I like to revisit every couple of years or so. Because sometimes you just have to come back.

Rated R
97 Minutes
United States

"You're as cool as a corpse."


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  1. Always wondered about this one. King was/is always so inconsistent on the big screen.


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