Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie Review: Slave (2009)

SLAVE - Sex Trade Thriller - DVD Image

Written by Brett Goldstein
Directed by Darryn Welch

David Dunsmore...Sam Page
Robert Dunsmore...Michael Maxwell
Georgie...Natassia Malthe

David Dunsmore and his new fiancé Georgie travel to Spain to visit his long-estranged father Robert. Even this reunion does little to rekindle the relationship, and Robert is just as absent as ever. David and Georgie decide to get a taste of the local nightlife and end up at a dance club, drinking and doing designer drugs.

Those crazy kids.

SLAVE - Sex Trade Thriller - The Happy Couple

David hits the restroom, and when he returns, Georgie is missing. Nobody in the club is any help finding her, nor are the officials. It's almost as if she vanished off the face of the Earth.

Or been drugged, kidnapped, taken to a yacht in the middle of the ocean, and forced into a life of sexual slavery for an Islamic Russian crime lord. Either way.

It's a pretty standard thriller that has some inventive camera work but is occasionally too stylized for my tastes. There isn't as much sex or nudity as you would expect considering the plotline, nor is there a plethora of violence. What violence there is, isn't all that convincing, unfortunately. The acting is passable, though everyone onscreen is outshined by Michael Maxwell as Robert Dunsmore, who plays a great heavy.

SLAVE - Sex Trade Thriller - Michael Maxwell as Robert Dunsmore

Basically if you took any two horny young lovers from, say, Turistas and dropped them into the plot of Taken as filtered through the lens of Limitless, you would end up with Slave.

The movie had promise, but was ultimately too rote to be anything beyond a mediocre, but watchable, time waster.

Rated R
81 Minutes



  1. Hmm... I might like this movie. Great review Jonny. :)

  2. Thanks, Jenny! It's streaming on Netflix, so go ahead and give it a watch. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on it.



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