Saturday, January 19, 2013

Midnite Media Turns FOUR!

Well, how do you like that? Midnite Media turns four years old right this very minute. Who would have ever thought that I would be able to find so many things to yammer on about? Or, rather, that I would have the follow through to keep yammering on about them, even when nobody is listening (which, I'm convinced, is most of the time).

My tally so far: 1029 posts, including 609 reviews of movies, books, short stories, comics, alternate movie scripts, and just about anything I can get my hands on.

To the half-dozen or so people who actually do read this blog, and especially to those who leave comments, I would like to extend a hearty thank you. The only reason I'm still doing this is because I know that somebody, somewhere, is reading it. I'll be doing my best to make this next year even better than the previous ones.

Happy birthday!


  1. Congrats! Look forward to your next 1,000 posts!

  2. Congradulations, Jonny Metro!

    I just entered my fourth year as a blogger, so I understand the feeling of acomplishment. I havn't nearly the numer of posts that you do, nor the number of followers. I too suffer from a lack of comments on my posts - particularly my movie reviews - which is something I like feedback on. However, you must be getting more than "a half-dozen or so" reading your blog, because even with my meager 43 followers, I average around 400 - 500 pageviews on my blog a day. So I'm sure your pageviews must be averaging in the 1000s.

    I thought I'd drop you this comment to let you know that I always read your entertaining and informative film reviews. I can't speak for anyone else, but I do not comment on reviews of films I haven't seen, because I don't feel I can add anything of substance without having seen the film.

    Keep on bloggin', JM!

  3. Kelly: Thanks for stopping by! I hope my next 1000 posts will continue to be of interest!

    Fritz: Congrats to you as well for your fourth year on the blogosphere. And yes, you're right, I do have more than a half dozen or so readers...I just like to balance out the tooting of my own horn with a little self-deprecation. I appreciate you swinging by and dropping some lines of encouragement, though. And even if you lurk silently in the background, I'll always know you're here. ;-)


  4. Wahoo! Congrats Jonny. This is really exciting and a huge milestone. Don't worry, I sometimes wonder if anyone really reads my blog. Can't wait to read more of your blog. :)

  5. Jenny: Thanks for stopping by! It's always a thrill when one of the lovely ladies of horror fandom leaves a comment . I hope to see you around for the next 1000+ posts!

    -- J/Metro

  6. Happy birthday, my birthday buddy!

  7. Emily: Yay for us! It's our senior year!


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