Saturday, December 1, 2012

Odd Amazon: Sex Toys & Dog Beds

Most of the time when you're shopping on, you're doing so with a particular purpose in mind. You're there to purchase a specific book, movie or album. But if, like me, you have ever found yourself surfing through the online retailer at random, you might have stumbled into the, shall we say, Weird Side of Amazon.

Take, for instance, the following listing.

Rotating Pearl Pleasure Beads Rabbit Vibrator & Afternoon Tea Pet Bed & Original Artwork Chinese Love Spell Symbol Pocket Card Gift Set

Wait...This gift set comes with a Chinese love spell, a sex toy and...a dog bed!?  That can't be right.  Let's take a look at the image.

Odd Amazon: Sex Toys & Dog Beds
Oh, Dear Lord.

The implications are startling at best.

As if this weren't laughable enough, check out this review which made the entire journey into Odd Amazon worth while.

Odd Amazon: Sex Toys & Dog Beds

Oh, Al Bundy (if that is your real name) made my day.


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