Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Movie Review: Waxwork (1988)

WAXWORK - wax museum horror movie - Poster image

Written & Directed by Anthony Hickox

Mark...Zach Galligan
Sarah...Deborah Foreman

A group of over-privileged and under-disciplined stock characters attend a private midnight showing of the mysterious new waxwork that has just opened in the neighborhood.  Once inside, they find that it is actually a museum of the macabre, with exhibits showcasing scenes of vampires, werewolves, living mummies, etc.  One by one, these spoiled and obnoxious shits stumble blindly into the exhibits and find themselves transported to a different world where the scenes are all too real, and they are--surprise, surprise--mere fodder.

The acting is lackluster, the creature effects cheesy, the set-pieces are elaborately over-the-top and cheap like a soap opera's idea of a period piece, and the pseudo-cool 1980s dialogue and attitude is painfully dated.  One might say that the saving grace here is the tongue-in-cheek manner in which the film presents itself--we can't take it too seriously because it doesn't take itself seriously--but that is a half-truth at best.

Strangely, the scenes that take place in the "real" world are hokey and jokey, with a self-effacing sense of humor that leads you to believe this is some sort of dark satire.  But when the characters enter into the exhibit worlds, suddenly the tone changes and we're supposed to believe that we're watching a real horror movie--an illusion I just couldn't buy into.

The trio of waxwork employees were suitably creepy, and there were a couple of highlights throughout the film--a gross dinner scene involving 'steak tartar' (yeah right) and an all-too-brief Night of the Living Dead-inspired scene--but overall, I'd rather pay to see Madame Tussauds.

She's got Lady Gaga, after all.  Talk about scary!

Rated R
95 Minutes
United States

"They'll make a movie about anything nowadays."

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  1. The first time I tried watching this, I hated it and quit halfway through. I don't think I knew going in that it was a fairly straight horror comedy. I went back to it recently (with the full knowledge of what tone I'd be getting) and found myself really enjoying it. Goofy, sure, but just a good old time.


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