Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weird Keywords

It's been quite a while since I checked into my Google Analytics account to see how people are finding their way to my humble little blog.  Some of them are quite...interesting.

  • She is too strong for him (Yes, yes she is.)
  • Hidden camera massage
  • 60s scary movies with suction cup monsters
  • Michael Myers poo (He does.  He just doesn't blog about it.)
  • Cathy O'Donnell in penny loafers

And, as usual, most of the terms seem to be porn-related.  I'm still not sure how all of these lead back to my blog, and quite frankly, I'm rather afraid to find out.

  • Lori Saunders nude (If you find this, let me know.)
  • Amateur. Lesbian. Orgy. (Can't. Be. Too. Hard. To. Find.)
  • Bound cock tease
  • Dixie trailer trash incest
  • Gay toesucking
  • Sperm release on clothes getting fever (Consult your doctor.)
  • Batgirl captured and stripped (I don't remember this issue...)
  • Boy blackmails his stepmom, he forces her to strip (THIS is the movie you're looking for.)

And of course, my favorite search term:

  • fred watches a new slasher movie in the theaters. the movie depicts a male serial murder who kidnaps, rapes and murders young pretty women in more and more gruesome ways. the movie also features a female college student who investigates the murders, eventually tracks down the killer and fights back, bringing him to justice by the end. fred enjoys the movie. later, he goes out with his girlfriend wilma.



  1. Haha, these are pretty good. And I love your comments. I might have to rip-off that idea and do it myself. I get some really bizarre search terms that point to my site. The one that really puzzles me though is WILLIAM MALMBORG OBITUARY. I want to know why people are searching that and if one is out there, what it says. Might give me some insight, lol.

  2. Will: Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever tried searching for WILLIAM MALMBORG OBITUARY? Maybe it will take you to a website from the future. Once there, you can try to put right what once went wrong. Your only guide on this journey will be Al, a hologram that only you can see and hear. Or something like that.


  3. Where do I find that stuff on the new blogger layout? I'm lost.

    "Gay toesucking" is probably my favorite.

  4. Michele,

    After signing into blogger and selecting your blog, click on "Stats" and then "Traffic Sources", and at the bottom there should be a short list of top search keywords. For a more comprehensive list, though, you'll want to get a free google analytics account (http://www.google.com/analytics/). I don't know why they don't just incorporate this right into the blogger dashboard, but a lot of things that blogger does (or doesn't do) doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Ha! I get search terms on my blog sometimes that make me wonder if I should alert the FBI (though I've seen "naked contortionist" so many times now, it makes me yawn. I blog them now and then --thanks for reminding me that I should get to it!


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