Friday, November 30, 2012

The Twonky on TCM Underground TONIGHT

That's right.  The Twonky.

1953's odd little flick The Twonky is playing on Turner Classic Movie's TCM UNDERGROUND late tonight/early tomorrow morning at 2:45 AM.

The synopsis (taken from

The Twonky is a rather loose adaptation of a 1942 short story by the established science fiction author Henry Kuttner (writing with his wife C. L. Moore and using the pseudonym Lewis Padgett). In the original story, a creature from the future appears in a present-day factory that manufactures console radios. The being from the future makes Twonkys in his world, so he turns out a Twonky that looks like a radio. This device is delivered to a home, and the Twonky/ radio proceeds to take over the life of the new owner. In his adaptation, Oboler uses several gags from the story, but overall The Twonky is unsuccessful as a comedy and heavy-handed and clunky as satire. Oboler's little movie, however, is exceedingly strange and contains several images and incidents that are not easily forgotten.

Are you ready to get TWONKED, hipsters?

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