Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sudden Death (1977)

Sudden Death
Directed by Eddie Romero

Duke Smith...Robert Conrad
Wyatt Spain...Felton Perry
Dominic Digaldo...Don Stroud

A shady sugar company in the Phillipines begins killing off anyone who stands in the way of their not-so-sweet ambitions, and retired CIA operative Duke Smith is lured into investigating. He brings in his buddy Wyatt Spain and mentor Tinker for backup.

The sugar company, with a CIA agent of their own on the payroll, brings in a ringer: deadly assassin Dominic Digaldo, whose ass-kicking ability rivals that of Duke and his cronies. It's bound to be a bloodbath!

The whole sugar industry/political angle was slightly confusing to me, but luckily this isn't exactly what you would call Plot Heavy. This cheesy actioner is instead a testosterone fueled ode to badassery.

Shirtless men with hairy chests opening beer bottles with their guns; wrestling strongmen at a street carnival; getting in bar fights and cheating on their old ladies with questionable women at the whorehouse. Ah, manhood!

Unfortunately, for a movie whose major appeal is the action, the action isn't all that appealing. It's not incredibly well-staged or believable, and is filled with those fight scenes where 20 people attack the heroes one at a time--never the best tactic, as it wastes the whole "strength in numbers" advantage. The action sequences are spread out amongst too many scenes of chatter about subjects I couldn't give a damn about, and when they appear, they're very by-the-numbers. The climactic battle which takes place in an ice house is decent enough, but nothing that'll get the adrenaline flowing.

Both Duke and Wyatt at least look the part, true 1970s Manly Men with a style that can only be called Machismo Chic. The musical score is suitably funky, and probably the best part of the movie.

Not a bad 90-minutes for revved up guys in a pinch, but there are plenty of better alternatives out there.

This previously unavailable flick is now available in the Robert Conrad Double Feature from Inception Media, paired with Live a Little, Steal a Lot (AKA Murph the Surf). Thanks for the screener, guys!

Rated R
84 Minutes
United States

"I'll eat my shoes if that chump ain't fuzz."

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