Friday, November 9, 2012

Movies On Tap & Minor Site News

It has been a ROUGH couple of days at work (pretty much every day is rough in Retail Hell), and I'm taking today to recuperate the best way I know how: by plopping ass on the couch with a series of good flicks on the terrorvision.  I've got the weekend to spend with my wife, but today is Jonny Time, and aside from a quick jaunt to the nearby 7-11 for Mountain Dew and donuts, I shan't be moving much.

I'm anticipating slipping in and out of consciousness a bit, so I'm sticking to lighter horror-related fare that I am already familiar with.

On tap for today:

Monster Squad
Art School Confidential
Dead & Breakfast

And to close with just a little bit of site news, I've noticed that my Netflix'd: Full Moon Entertainment post has been getting quite a few hits lately, so I've gone ahead and updated it with their newer releases. If you're looking to melt your mind with some Full Moon Madness, check it out.  And if you know of any that I'm missing, please let me know.

Have a hell of a day, hipsters!

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