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Eerie #14, January 1954 (Avon Comics)

Eerie #14
January/February 1954
Avon Comics

Master Of The Dead: Madman Pierre Jarnac has dedicated his entire life to trying to raise the dead. After many failed attempts, he finally succeeds...but they don't obey him for long. Pretty mediocre, and the art isn't as graphic as one would expect. Strangely, there's a bit of an anti-war message beneath it all.

Thou Shalt Not Dream!: Bob Grant has been having murderous dreams since he was a child. As he grows up, he realizes he's closer than ever to fulfilling those dreams. A rather strange story about reincarnation (as diagnosed by a psychiatrist!) and attempting to escape your fate. It's really pretty misogynistic, and the reactions of Bob's wife are unlikely to say the least.

Horror Man (Text Story): Horror movie star Tracy Collins approaches his doctor with a problem: he believes he's become a werewolf just like he has played onscreen! Corny and predictable, but still one of the better text stories they were forced to include in these issues.

Snake-Eyes Of Doom!: A born-loser gambler thinks his luck has changed when he scores a pair of magical dice from a hobo. Little does he know the hobo's true identity, or the price that comes with the dice. A decent story despite some truly cheesy moments--like mobsters being crushed by an enormous pair of dice.

Satan's Woman Prize!: A demon-caressed harlot goes through life causing men to fight--and sometimes kill--for her affection. Another misogynistic and horrendously dated piece full of corny dialogue, but Satan himself acts as a major character in the plot.

Eerie #14 can be accessed free and legally at the Digital Comic Museum by clicking HERE.


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