Friday, October 5, 2012

Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012)

Killjoy Goes To Hell

Written & Directed by John Lechago

Killjoy...Trent Haaga
Sandy...Jessica Whitaker
Batty Boop...Victoria De Mare

This entry in the Killjoy franchise is slightly more complex than its predecessors, in that it features two concurrent story lines, which eventually converge in the end.

In the primary one, we see the clown prince of Hell, Killjoy himself, hauled before a demonic courtroom and placed on trial. The charges? Not being an evil enough bastard. If found guilty (or is it not guilty enough?) he stands to lose everything, including his powers, life, and reputation.

In storyline number two, a police detective tries to get to the bottom of the murders committed by Killjoy, partly by interrogating Killjoy survivor Sandy, who is by far the cutest mental patient I have ever seen. Sandy had previously appeared in Killjoy 3, and knows that if you're laughing at Killjoy and his minions, they can't harm she has a constant case of the giggles.

It's far from a great film, and it's often times painfully silly, but it is much better than the first two and just as  enjoyable as part 3. It has dropped all pretenses of being a horror movie, fully embracing its ridiculous nature. This works in its favor, because the Killjoy movies have never been even remotely scary. They have increasingly become more like live action cartoons for grown ups.

[Begin Digression]

Which makes me think that the next step in Full Moon's evolution should be a weekly cable cartoon series taking place in a shared universe. Imagine Killjoy intermingling with characters from the Puppet Master series and the Demonic Toys as they seek out the Bloodstone. Many of Full Moon's cinematic ambitions fail because they simply don't have the budget to make them work, but in animation, showing two people talking or showing a Biblical apocalypse would cost the same amount of money. I sure as hell would tune in.

[End Digression]

With it's dark sense of humor, carnie slapstick and sexy ladies, Killjoy Goes To Hell isn't Full Moon's best effort, but it makes a damn good midnight movie.

I know. I'm as surprised as you are.

Not Rated
93 Minutes
English (and Carnie)
United States

"Except for the shitstorm in her brain, she's normal."


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