Monday, October 8, 2012

Kickstart This Shit: The New Neighbor

I received an e-mail from indie horror movie maker Brandon Sites about his upcoming vampire film The New Neighbor, and how you can help get it made by donating to the Kickstarter campaign.

Here's the lowdown on the flick:
The New Neighbor is about a college student & her brother (Ky Mahone) who notice a puzzling epidemic sweeping their neighborhood timed to the arrival of a new neighbor. Everyone starts to turns pale, they act anemic, they avoid sunlight and they might have a strange bite mark on their neck. They become convinced that the new neighbor is slowly turning everyone into vampires. To complicate matters, sis finds herself inexplicably drawn to the neighbor's son (Ryan Sandefur). Is she a moth being drawn to the flame? Or is there a greater evil at work? 
Click HERE to learn more about the feature and to see if you're interested in kicking a little money their way.     There are some great incentives being offered, including early screenings and IMDB credits.

Best of all?

"We promise that no one will sparkle during the course of this film's running time."

Take THAT Edward.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! We are at 72% of the funds raised and about 12 days left. If we don't raise 100%, we lose ALL of it! If you have any one else that could post this PLEASE let them know. Alot of people asked for a vampire movie with me in it, and I always give my fans what they want!

    Ryan Sandefur


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