Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jason X Special (Avatar Comics)

Jason X Special 

This 2005 one-shot special from Avatar picks up immediately after the events of the movie Jason X, as UberJason plummets to Earth 2 to continue his slaughter. No, wait, he's back on the spaceship. No, wait, he's back at Camp Crystal Lake.

No, actually, it's none of these things. He's hooked up to the holodeck and only thinks all of these other things are happening. Kristen, some hot young future babe who is controlling the holodeck, floods Jason with nanotech bugs to collect a tissue sample. She seems to think that grafting this sample onto her boyfriend will restore his health so that together they can repopulate their planet.

But you just can't keep a Voorhees down.

Dear Lord, I can't believe I typed any of that.

I'm no fan of Jason X the movie, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm no fan of Jason X the comic book. On the printed page, it's even more of a train wreck. It's dull and confusing and full of bullshit scientific jargon that is meant to impress but only made me roll my eyes.

These Avatar issues are all striking out, in my opinion.  They're just a lot of empty ink--most of it red.


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