Wednesday, October 31, 2012

His Name Was Jason (2009)

His Name Was Jason

This documentary follows the 30+ year killing career of Jason Voorhees, from his first appearance as a waterlogged little bastard in Part 1, to his final appearance in Freddy Vs Jason. Even the then-upcoming remake is touched upon at the end.

Interviewing a plethora of cast and crew members from the franchise, plus famous Friday fans, we're given all of the behind-the-scenes talk. Favorite death scenes, make-up and special effects, creation of the hockey mask, merchandising, controversy, Final Girls (and Guys), etc. are all covered in depth here. It's not just a bubblegum piece, either. They're more than willing to point out inconsistencies and poor choices, and argue over who is responsible for the addition of the hockey mask--it seems that everybody wants to take credit for it.

There are a lot of talking heads here, but this isn't just a talking head documentary. We're not only shown relevant clips from the movies being discussed, but also behind-the-scenes stills, test footage, concept art and more, and it's all tied together by staged segments hosted by the always affable Tom Savini.

Perhaps most impressive are the moments where they explore the mind and motivations of Mr. Voorhees. It gives you pause and makes you reconsider your opinion of the character--he's not just a mindless mass murderer. He's a victim just as much as he is a monster, an occasionally sympathetic character, even if he's not always portrayed as such.

There's a ton of interesting factoids here, and surely even diehard fans will learn something new. This is probably one of the best retrospective documentaries of its kind that I've had the privilege of seeing. Every fan should have this in their collection.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Nintendo game still sucks, the Doublemint Twins are still pretty hot, and Reckless Reggie is just as annoying as ever.

86 Minutes
United States


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