Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday the 13th Special (Avatar Comics)

Friday the 13th Special

This 2005 one-shot special from Avatar Comics opens with a couple of horny teenagers making out in a van in the Crystal Lake area. Damn fool kids never learn. They begin hearing strange noises in the forest, and guess who it is: Jason Voorhees.

But not just Jason Voorhees. It's also a group of highly qualified soldiers of fortune hired by (apparently) the children of one-time Camp Crystal Lake owner Steve Christy to eradicate Jason once and for all so that they can "reclaim the land" and open a resort.

I repeat, damn fool kids never learn.

What follows is basically 20 pages of of pseudo-soldiers opening fire on Jason Voorhees and getting seriously cut up for their troubles.

There's scarcely a story, and the characters are barely even there, so there's not really much to review. It's all about blood and guts here, and on that count, it delivers. But after immersing myself so deep into this franchise, that's gotten pretty old.

If carnage is all you're looking for, then look no further. But if you need a little more substance, you can keep on trucking. This one is a waste of time.


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