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Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale (Wildstorm Comics)

Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale

This 2007 two-issue miniseries from Wildstorm Comics is a flashback within a flashback, essentially. This story opens with a familiar scene, torn from the original film, depicting budding camp counselor Annie hitchhiking to Camp Crystal Lake. After a brief encounter with Crazy Ralph (poor, doomed Crazy Ralph), and a ride halfway with a friendly truck driver, she ends up in the vehicle of Pamela Voorhees--AKA Jason's mama.

In the movie, we're only given a few moments inside the vehicle with Annie and the unseen driver, and we're not privy to any of the driver's side of the conversation. So what did they talk about during the ill-fated drive?

Well it turns out that Pamela told Annie her story. We flashback to a much-younger Pamela who had just recently discovered she is pregnant, and struggling with how exactly to tell her abusive husband.

From there, we're taken along as Pamela leaves home and arrives in Crystal Lake to start a new life for herself. A new home, a new job, and, in time...a new baby.

Baby Jason is anything but cute, and he's also anything but cuddly. We're witness to the beginnings of his homicidal stirrings, the unsettling relationship with his mother, and yes, even the events that directly lead to his drowning.

And we all know how poorly Mrs. Voorhees reacted to that.

The art was pretty good throughout both issues, wavering only on occasion and rendering a familiar character just a lit model. The writing was very strong, and although we covered a lot of land over just two issues, it never seemed rushed. It flowed naturally like a good story should.

Simply put, this is a fantastic story. This is precisely how licensed material should be handled. It fits neatly into canon, and builds upon existing mythology; it doesn't just rehash the same old bullshit, and it doesn't disrespect everything that came before it.

As niche of a title as this is--think of it as the storyboards for a deleted scene--it's definitely not for everyone. It is aimed solely at fans of the franchise who are hungry for a little bit more.

Highly reccommended for Fri-Fans.


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