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Friday the 13th: Bloodbath (Avatar Comics)

Friday the 13th: Bloodbath (Avatar Comics)

This 1995 three-issue series from Avatar Comics begins with the same tired premise:  five teenagers arrive at a summer camp near Crystal Lake a week before the season officially begins, looking to earn a little extra cash by fixing up the place for the owner before the kids arrive.  As soon as night falls, they all pair off and begin making with the hanky and the panky, until Jason Voorhees shows up and butchers a few of them.

This tired premise is actually just a front for the real story--these kids were all specially selected by some shadowy global organization called...The Organization (pretty original, huh?), and used as bait to lure Jason into a trap.  They hope to capture him, study him, and use what they learn to make billions of dollars.

But Jason never goes down without a fight.

The real story, while slightly meta, and a little more original than the tired premise it stems from still isn't very good.  It's actually pretty damn dull.  There is a lot of death and bloodshed, sex, nudity, and hot girl-on-girl action...but even that can't save it from its own inherent mediocrity.

The characters are barely characters.  They're all instantly-forgettable slasher victim stereotypes, crafted for no other reason than to be torn apart with edged weaponry and maybe show a nipple or two on the way down.  Neither possibility really piqued my interest.

I've heard a lot of people praise the art in these issues, but i have to say that I really don't get it.  Sure, it's passable, and a hundred times better than anything I could put together, but the characters all look so static and stoic that the action is never convincingly portrayed.  It would work much better in a story that wasn't so reliant on fluid movement and adrenaline, but here it feels too herky-jerky.

Pretty disappointing.


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