Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused (Wildstorm Comics)

Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused

Wildstorm Comics released this one shot Friday the 13th special in 2008.  Maggie is a high schooler whose mother died under unknown circumstances, and following that death she began to escape deeper and deeper into herself. Treated as a "freak" and a "monster" by her peers, it's no surprise that her low self-esteem lands her in an abusive relationship with the hormonal asshole Steve.

But after the 23rd time that Steve hits her, she swears that it will be the last.

So what does all this have to do with Jason Voorhees? Little to nothing, actually. It takes place near Camp Crystal Lake, and it's there that Maggie finally decides to take her stand. Jason pops up around the halfway point for an extended battle sequence, but that's pretty much it. He's not lurking around any corners throughout the rest of the tale, and this doesn't add anything at all to the mythos. It's just another couple notches added to Jason's belt, and seems as if it could have been a deleted scene from any given Friday the 13th film.

The story, while not a bad one, is very simple, and so is the writing. The narration is given to us via Maggie's journal entry, so we're privy to her thoughts without a lot of unlikely exposition.

The artwork is strangely cartoonish, almost like Los Bros Hernandez doing Archie at times, which bothered me at the beginning, but I had gotten used to it--and even began to appreciate it--by the story's end. The action sequence is actually pretty strong, and there are some striking panels on display here.

Along with the violence there are some sexually suggestive scenes (and even a nip slip or two), which no good slasher of any medium should be without.

Overall, this could have been a nice warmup to a limited series, but as a one-shot, it leaves something to be desired.


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