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Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash (Wildstorm Comics)

Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash

This 2007 6-issue miniseries from Wildstorm Comics begins five years after the events of Freddy Vs Jason, and the citizens of Crystal Lake have begun calling the town Forest Green again in order to distance themselves from the horrible past. They've also opened up a new big-box store that should really stimulate the local economy--a Super Mega Ultra S-Mart. And guess who's getting transferred?

One Ashley "Ash" Williams, the Senior Housewares Domestic Engineer from the Detroit store, not to mention seasoned demon killer and badass extraordinaire. It seems the Necronomicon, the flesh-bound Book of the Dead, is somewhere in town, and Fate has lead Ash here to take care of business.

Ash isn't the only one who wants the unholy book. Freddy Krueger, trapped in the fractured mind of Jason Voorhees wants it too, and that can't be good for anybody. Manipulating Jason once again, it's a race between everybody's favorite machete madman and everybody's favorite one-handed smartass to get the Necronomicon from, of all places, the fruit cellar of the old Voorhees house.

This of course devolves into a three-way slaughter of epic proportions.

This is a comic book version of the movie you always wanted to see, but will never get the chance to. All three franchises are portrayed faithfully and intermingled in a way that is pretty much genius. Pamela Voorhees used the Necronomicon to resurrect Jason after his drowning? Finally an explanation!

Jason, of course, doesn't speak, but you'll be happy to know that his theme music appears at the same time as he does--you just have to read it aloud. You want to know badass? He kills somebody with a clipboard. A CLIPBOARD!

Freddy is not the Freddy of the original Nightmare on Elm Street, but the pun-loving jokester he had become over the course of the films. He has some great moments, the best of which is him reenacting some scenes from the Evil Dead movies when Ash falls asleep.

Ash's character is rock solid here, and I could literally HEAR Bruce Campbell in my head while I read his lines. He provides the narration for the series, and the opening scenes, as he comments on the death of a character who tried to go all Final Girl on Jason pretty much sums him up in a nutshell.
"Once you've stared down death and cheated the grim reaper your life changes. Do it more than once while you watch everyone you know get turned inside out like bloody sock puppets and you start to go down a very dangerous path. You think, 'Why me? Why was I special? Why was I spared and no one else?' Then it hits you. The only reason this could be is because you were 'chosen' to survive. You were 'chosen' to free the rabble from the terrors of the monster of the week. You were 'chosen' to be the hero and save the day. And with all the faceless schmoes out there counting on you to do what 'chosen ones' do, you start to believe it. Maybe you can do it. 'Why not?' Maybe you are that special one that has the 'please screw up my life with this destiny-has-picked-you-to-be-a-hero gene' and this is just part of fate's master plan for you. Sorry, kid. You were a trooper, but there's only one Chosen One, and for better or worse, it's me. God knows I've spent enough time trying to talk people out of believing in me. But in the end you can't outrun fate, plain and simple..The name's Ash...and I am the Chosen One."

Hail to the king, baby.

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