Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vile: A Love Story Seeking Producer

While researching a review for the film Vile, I accidentally tripped over a hyperlink and wound up at the webpage for a different movie with a similar title: Vile - A Love Story.  The site was clever but deceptively simple, and offered little beyond the synopsis.  The synopsis was enough to intrigue me, however, and I set out to find more information about the movie.

There was no entry on Wikipedia.  No entry on the IMDB.  No entry at AllMovie.

In fact, it seemed like the only information about this movie was contained at its website.

A little lightweight detective work, and I had located the filmmaker's email address.  I requested further info and asked where I could see this mysterious movie, but my hopes were immediately dashed.

This film does not exist.  Or, at least...not yet.

Vile - A Love Story is looking for a producer.  And let me tell you, folks.  This movie needs to be made.

There are two monsters prowling the streets of LA — one, a serial killer raised to believe that women are “demonic sexual predators”; and the other, a peculiar young woman who also happens to be a Demonic Sexual Predator — and when they meet, love inspires them to focus their dark attentions on those who deserve it most.
Albin Gerber doesn’t want to kill the prostitutes he finds irresistible; it’s just that Mother raised him to believe that any woman who arouses him is most likely a demon, bent on draining his life force. So when this troubled serial killer meets Frankie — an odd girl who happens to be the literal embodiment of everything Mother warned Albin about — it isn’t long before the situation turns ugly.
     But when Albin makes a startling discovery that suggests Frankie might possibly be family, it is the one thing that allows Albin to push past his violent urges and get to know her. The result is, well, messy... But despite some serious bumps along the way, Love blossoms. When Frankie’s wayward caretaker suddenly returns and drives Albin away, he decides to pursue his family history, despite Mother’s claims that they are the only remaining survivors. After making some disturbing discoveries, Albin returns to rescue Frankie, then does what any other boy in love would do: He takes her home to meet Mother, an act of defiance that leads to a fiery confrontation between a woman driven mad with guilt and the boy she raised to be a monster.
     As it turns out, a monster made is not the same as a monster born. Frankie’s needs are quite different, and even as a police investigation closes in around him, Albin does his best to redeem himself with a final act of kindness for the strange creature he has come to love, and who has set him free.

Any producer or production company interested in hearing more?  Drop me a line at JonnyxMetro [at] hotmail [dot] com, and I'll forward it on to the Vile folks.  They already have a completed script, and are now just looking to get the ball rolling.


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