Wednesday, August 29, 2012

976-EVIL 2 (1992)

976-EVIL 2

Written by Eric Anjou
Directed by Jim Wynorski

Spike...Patrick O'Bryan
Robin...Debbie James
Grubeck...Rene Assa

Spike, the second-rate Fonzie from the original installment, rolls into the town of Slate River immediately following the fifth in a string of murders committed by a local serial killer. He quickly hooks up with a beautiful blonde named Robin (who conveniently seems to have clairvoyant visions), and the two must work together to discern what the connection is between Mr. Grubek, the dean of the local college, and the 976 horoscope line; not to mention how he continues to kill even when safely locked behind bars.

The subtitle here is The Astral Factor, so it shouldn't be considered too big of a spoiler if I reveal to you that Grubek is using Astral Projection (a la Marvel Comics' Dr. Strange) to reach his victims.

This strange combination of New Age bullshit and horror isn't especially effective, and at times gets downright ridiculous--such as when one of his victims finds herself zapped into a television to be a character in a public domain mashup of Night of the Living Dead and It's A Wonderful Life.

The resolution at the end is pretty silly, too, and it's only magnified by the poor animation that was the forefather to today's CGI.

This highly unnecessary sequel is sorely missing the actor Stephen Jeffreys, who played Hoax in the original. While it was nice to see the character of Spike return, that wasn't enough to save this stinker from its own mediocrity.

Rated R
93 Minutes
United States



  1. I enjoy the original one, I like the atmosphere it has, lonely town, lonely streets, satanic phone line....but I've heard such bad things about this one that I simply haven't bothered with it. Thanks for taking one for the team!

  2. I never watched the original, but the sequel was on Instant Watch and I enjoyed it enough. Nothing special, but good for when you just need a little '80s cheese.


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