Monday, May 21, 2012

The Dead Want Women (2012)

The Dead Want Women

Written by Kurt Roudebush
Directed by Charles Band

Rose Pettigrew...Jean Louise O'Sullivan
Sonny Barnes...Eric Roberts
Reese...Jessica Morris
Dani...Ariana Madix

Hollywood, 1927. Rose Pettigrew is the darling of the silver screen, but behind the scenes she and her cohorts live a secret life of violent sexual debauchery. With the advent of the talkies, her starshine is waning, and when, during a party, she is informed that her studio contract has been cancelled, something in her snaps. She murders the other members of her kinky clique and then takes her own life.

Talk about overreacting.

Flash to the present, and self-proclaimed "two hottest realtors in the world" Reese and Dani have finally snagged an offer on the long-vacant Pettigrew house. They're straightening up the property in anticipation of the new buyer's arrival, but when the sun sets, the buyer doesn't show. But a few others do.

Comedian Tubby Fitzgerald, horror star Erik Burke and movie cowboy Sonny Barnes, all dead since that fateful night in 1927, pay the girls a little visit, looking for fresh meat for their sexual games.

This is, apparently, Full Moon's version of a slow-burning haunted house flick. After the opening scenes, not much happens for a while, and then when the ghosts do appear, there's very few surprises in store, as the ghosts spend their time pretty much doing the same thing as they did when they were alive--fucking and acting creepy. Is there anything here we haven't seen before? Depends on whether or not you've ever seen a woman raped by a ghost, I suppose.

It's not Full Moon's strongest feature, but it's not their weakest attempt either. There are plenty of beautiful women to ogle, more often than not stark raving naked. This movie is definitely aimed toward the male audience, and as males, we're easy. Throw some T&A on a screen, and unless the rest of the flick is a vile abomination, we'll watch with baited breath.

I don't understand why Full Moon can't capture the same quality of their Puppet Master or Subspecies series stronger efforts with any of their later standalone films, but it always seems just out of reach. If a little more time was spent in the scriptwriting stage, all the other weaknesses would easily be overlooked.

I believe in you Full Moon. But sometimes you make it so difficult.

Not Rated
73 Minutes
United States

"Girl, bling is my thing. And this is the real thing."


  1. I totally agree with you, I can't undestand why Charles Band can't recapture the magic of the old Full Moon movies, I recently saw Haunted Casino but couldnt even finish it. It seems they can only come up with cool sounding titles that promise a good time, but end up being boring as hell. Too bad, the glory days of Full Moon were great b-movie fun! Not anymore it seems...

  2. I wrote my review of this film last week, and I came to mostly the same conclusions you did. I've let it sit--and I'm going to take another look at it before I post--because I was thinking I had my hopes up too high for this film and was being unfair.

    I am increasingly thinking I wasn't, so I will have to chalk this up to another "Lucy and the Football"-type moment.

    (BTW, I actually thought "Haunted Casino" had a number of things to recommend it... it's a stronger movie than this one certainly. And part of what got my hopes up here was that I really liked Jessica Morris in her small part in "Haunted Casino."

  3. From the cover art alone, AND knowing Full Moon's track record with these things, this looks... insufferable.

  4. FC: I still have faith that Full Moon can come out of their slump if they work at it. I enjoyed the latest Puppet Master release, but I'm with you on Haunted Casino. It was pretty terrible.

    Steve: Hopefully a second-viewing will increase your appreciation of this film. The first one for me just about killed it.

    J2: Sweet Cthulu, brother! Where the hell have you been? Are you back on the blogosphere? It's getting soooo hard to keep track...



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