Monday, April 2, 2012

The Shrine (2010)

The Shrine

Written by John Knautz & Brendan Moore
Directed by John Knautz

Carmen Burke...Cindy Sampson
Marcus...Aaron Ashmore
Sara...Meghan Heffern

Carmen Burke, reporter for D-Cypher Monthly, has seen better days, professionally speaking. A controversial article she wrote has knocked her down to the bottom of the journalistic ladder, and so while she longs for real stories, her editor has her writing fluff.

When she catches wind of an American boy who went missing while backpacking in Poland--the fifth such incident she could find evidence of in the same area--she strikes out to cover the story when she's really supposed to be writing about bees.

Dragging her photographer boyfriend Marcus and intern Sarah along, they arrive in Kozki, Poland to a rural society of inhospitable locals, a strange church, and a mysterious bank of fog that rises from the forest and rises into the sky like a tower.

The locals are, of course, hiding something, the truth of which is found at the titular Shrine. As these nosy Americans get closer to the heart of the story, they find themselves deeper and deeper in trouble.

It's a lower budget shocker that probably got lost in the shuffle because there's not all that much original about it. It's a cultish variation of Hostel, perhaps, or The Ruins with a drastically different threat.

The actors all do a pretty good job with the material they're given. There are a few shocking moments and a lot of eerie scenery, but the special effects work could use a bit of polishing--still, not bad for the budget, I suppose.

Not all that thrilling, not all that horrifying. Aside from the gorgeous locations (and a pretty damn good finale), The Shrine is a good-not-great horror flick that suffers from rehashitis.

Not Rated
85 Minutes

"Nothing for you here, English!"


  1. I enjoyed the statue itself - the rest of it was kind of bland.

  2. It was entertaining and kept me watching-
    Poster is great... reminds me of Black Sunday!


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