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Glory Stompers (1968)

Glory Stompers

Written by James Gordon White & John Lawrence
Directed by Anthony M. Lanza

Christy...Chris Noel
Darryl...Jody McCrea
Chino...Dennis Hopper
Smiley...Jock Mahoney

When Daryl, a member of the Glory Stompers, wakes up from a brutal beating delivered by rival motorcycle gang the Black Souls, he finds his girlfriend Christy missing. Believing Daryl dead, the Black Souls kidnapped her, the only witness to the crime.

As Daryl attempts to track the Black Souls and rescue his woman, he partners up with Smiley, an aging biker who escaped the gang life and rejoined society.

Meanwhile, Christy's presence causes some turmoil among the gang, as Chino (the leader) wants her for himself, to the chagrin of his "mama" and compatriots. Chino's brother Paul (Cleancut) is sympathetic to her plight, and Christy in turn seems sympathetic to his.

As expected, Dennis Hopper puts in the best performance of the cast, playing the type of outlaw that is his bread and butter. The rest of the cast is decent, but nothing to write home about. A number of the extras were probably actual bikers that Hopper and his crew were friendly with. The soundtrack has a few good moments, but is mostly par for the course.

There's a lengthy party scene that seems designed exclusively to fill time, and that's pretty much representative of this entire movie. Despite the promising set-up--a counter-cultural revenge film--there is far too little actually happening here. Lots of dialogue, lots of scenes of biking down the highway, but very little action.

There are much better examples of this genre available, including a personal favorite, Born Losers. All in all, The Glory Stompers is like a leisurely paced cruise down the coastline. Some nice things to look at, but not much substance.

Not Rated
84 Minutes
United States

"What are you? Knife happy or something?"

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