Monday, April 9, 2012

Chop (2011)


Written by Adam Minarovich
Directed by Trent Haaga

Lance...Will Keenan
The Stranger...Timothy Muskatell

When his car breaks down, Lance accepts a ride from a stranger in a pick-up truck. The stranger promptly kidnaps him, forces him to participate in a horrific act, offers him a startling revelation about his wife, and then sets him free...with a few conditions. He can not tell anyone about what has happened, and he can not let his wife know what he knows about her.

The Stranger insists that he and Lance know each other, and that Lance has wronged him sometime in the past--however Lance has no memory of ever meeting him. He keeps taking from Lance, torturing him and ruining his life, and will continue to do so until Lance remembers who he is.

The actors do a fairly good job with the material, although Lance irritated the hell out of me--but I think that was the point. Lance isn't the good guy, even though he's the victim, and it's difficult to decide who it is you're rooting for. I don't think you can really root for anybody. All you can hope is that the government drops a bomb and kills all these motherfuckers.

It's a good idea, and is decently made, however it has a serious personality disorder that bothers me quite a bit. It teeter totters between straight horror and a dark comedy at uncomfortable intervals--however the comedy interjected in the script isn't all that funny: Lance sticking a finger up his ass in search of a tracking device; signing a letter to a pair of police detectives "Love, Lance"; Jokes about cutting off limbs and fucking the stump; etc.

If the comedy elements were removed all together, it would have made a good horror movie. If the comedy elements were actually funny, it would have made a good horror comedy. However, as it stands, it's rather milquetoast on both accounts.

A solid concept that was poorly executed and thoroughly flawed. For a dark revenge/torture porn comedy that actually works, watch Otis. This one can stay on the shelf.

Not Rated
98 Minutes
United States


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  1. Never heard of this before. Guess there was a good reason for that.


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