Saturday, March 17, 2012

To Let (2006)

To Let

Written by Alberto Marini & Jaume Balagueró
Directed by Jaume Balagueró

Clara...Macarena Gomez
Mario...Adria Collado

Expecting parents Clara and Mario have only two weeks to find a new place to live, but as they're preparing to start a family, they want it to be perfect. When they catch wind of a great apartment in the suburbs offered at a great price, they know they have to act fast.

When they arrive to check the place out, they're a little shocked to find that it's not exactly what they were expecting. The building is run down and decrepit, and it's located in a bad neighborhood--however the real estate agency assures them that the area is in the midst of a resurgence, so they opt to humor her.

They're less than interested in this creepy complex, but once they're there, it's going to be hell getting out.

The filmmakers do a superb job of creating a creepy atmosphere--spare mannequin parts scattered about, screaming children in the distance, abandoned artifacts from previous tenants. You just know this is a bad place where bad things are going to happen, and yet you can't quite figure out what.

Things go South for the happy couple pretty quickly. This movie is just over an hour long, so there's no time to waste with pointless exposition. And while the set-up may have been better than the resolution, it was still a pretty solid flick.

Beautifully shot with a wealth of dynamic camera angles, To Let makes excellent use of its location. The acting is great and the score is well done. It's a novella-length horror flick with some dazzling touches--almost like a Twilight Zone take on the slasher genre.

To Let is available on Netflix Instant, and comes packaged in the "Six Films To Keep You Awake" DVD set, which runs for about $12 online. I haven't seen the others in the set, but I can definitely say that this one is worth the two bucks you would pay for it.

Not Rated
68 Minutes

"You'll be very happy here."

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