Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tales From The Cryptkeeper S2 Ep.02: Cold Blood Warm Hearts/The Spider and the Flies (1994)

Tales From The Cryptkeeper
Season 2, Episode 02
Cold Blood Warm Hearts/The Spider and the Flies

While the Cryptkeeper lounges on the beach to introduce today's terror tale, he's assaulted by the Old Witch, who hijacks the show and tells us her own story: Cold Blood Warm Hearts.

A group of annoying extreme teenagers on a fishing trip reel in more than they bargain for when a scaly green hand emerges from the surface and tears a whole in their boat. Rumors quickly circulate through the town about a sea monster, and two opposing forces begin to seek it out: a young ecology-minded female who wants to protect the ocean and all it's creatures, and a weathered old sea captain that wants to hunt it for sport.

A romantic, sickly-sweet story of monster-meets-monster.

Luckily the Cryptkeeper jumps in and fills the remainder of the time with his story, The Spider and the Flies, which immediately drew me in with the awesome title card artwork.

A small rural town is inundated with a rare species of spiders, sending the populace into a panic. Luckily for them, a mysterious stranger (dressed like a vintage pulp fiction character) arrives, promising that he can rid the town of this new pestilence. But not for free, of course.

Young amateur scientist Simon and his adorable little sister Sally don't trust the stranger, and do a little investigating of their own.

A good, solid episode with some nice visuals. I wish it was a full-length story so we could have spent more time with this mysterious fellow--even if the grand reveal was slightly disappointing.


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