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Stripped Naked (2009)

Stripped Naked

Written by Christine Conradt & Ian Driscoll
Directed by Lee Demarbre

Cassie...Sarah Allen
Jade...Tommie-Amber Pirie
Jack...Jon Cor
Howie...Linden Ashby

Stripper Cassie accidentally witnesses a mob hit, and walks away from the incident with a new car, a gun, a bag of money, and a large sack of crystal meth. Seeing this as an opportunity to change her life for the better, she quits her job, dumps her douchebag boyfriend, and makes plans to hit the international scene.

The mob, of course, wants their property back and are willing to do anything to get it back. Before she has the opportunity to get out of town, Cassie manages to get a whole slew of people involved in her mess, including her roommate/lesbian lover Jade, her ex-boyfriend, a rather pathetic client, her boss, and another stripper.

The filmmakers seem to have been trying to make an early-Tarantino-esque movie, and were relatively successful. Although not quite a classic of crime cinema, Stripped Naked is a surprisingly solid flick. There are enough twists and turns to keep you interested, the women are (mostly) beautiful, and the acting is pretty good all around.

The soundtrack sometimes comes off as dated--and not in a cool, retro type of way--but that's not much of a concern in the grand scheme of things.

The action and camera work isn't as dynamic as it could be, and the gunshots are edited in such a way to prove that they couldn't afford any squibs--the curse of a low-budget flick, I suppose.

If you're a stickler for likable characters, this isn't the movie for you. All of the major players are pretty scummy, anti-heroes at best and complete bitches and assholes at worst. But if you can get behind bad people doing bad things--and having bad things done to them--then you could do much worse.

My only major qualm is the way this film seems to market itself. The title--STRIPPED NAKED--is exploitative to say the least, much more so than the actual movie.  For a film with the word naked in the title, whose main characters are strippers, there is surprisingly little nudity. The title, coupled with the (admittedly awesome) 70s-style poster art, would seem to imply that you're about to watch a piece of throwback fauxsploitation cinema (a la Grindhouse)--which would reel some people in, while simultaneously repelling others.

However, that's not quite the reality. If anything, it has more in common with the glut of direct-to-video action flicks from the 1980s. But I guess that doesn't put asses in seats, does it?

Well worth a rental when you're hankering for a little indie blood-and-bullets.

Not Rated
88 Minutes
United States

"She lives at 2525 None of Your Freakin' Business Lane."

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